Delivered in Premium Glass Bottle

Moscow Mule


“Fresh pressed ginger juice for a fiery kick”

The Ficks Moscow Mule offers a premium version of this spicy favorite. Ready to pair with your favorite vodka and pour into a copper mug, the secret to this incredible taste is using an all natural ginger juice base.

An all natural cocktail mix, just as with all Ficks Premium Mixers, the Moscow Mule is sure to be the hit of the party, or a nice addition to a quiet cocktail at home.


"Huge fan of this mixer! Traditionally cocktail mixers can be full of sugar and not that appetizing, but this really tastes like a freshly-made mule. I love the little kick of heat from the ginger, and that it's made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives."

How to Mix It

Yes! Ficks only makes all natural cocktail mixers that include pure, not-from-concentrate juice for their primary flavor. Not only does this let you know exactly what’s in your cocktail mix, but it tastes better to!

Of course, our goal is to give you the ability to make amazing cocktails without taking up your whole day. Just take two parts Ficks Moscow Mule Mix and combine with one part of your favorite vodka into a copper mug. If you’re feeling fancy, throw a lime on the edge as a garnish for a traditional Moscow Mule.

All Ficks cocktail mixers are typically less than half the calories and sugar found in other all natural cocktail mixers. In the case of our Moscow Mule cocktail mix, it’s less in these categories than the leading ginger beer.



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